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Conference Gold Sponsor: Pronto Software

Pronto Software is an Australian developer of award-winning business management and analytics solutions. Pronto Xi ERP software integrates accounting, operational and mobile features in a single system – optimising business processes and unlocking actionable insights. Over 1,700 organisations have leveraged Pronto Software’s industry experience and innovation to increase growth and revenue.

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Conference Gold Sponsor: Finlease

Finlease personifies the growth of a family business.

As specialists in equipment and vehicle finance as an alternative to the banks, Finlease was started by Mark O’Donoghue over 30 years ago. Today the business has a team of 90 with branches Australia wide providing over $600 million a year in finance to privately owned companies in an array of capital intensive industries.
If you would like to see how well a family business can compete against the banks, please say hello to their team at the Finlease stand.

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Keynote Speaker Sponsor: Adina Watches

Adina has been designing and assembling high-quality wrist watches suited to the Australian lifestyle since 1971. Our passion combines world-class technology with local craftsmanship to produce iconic Australian timepieces.

From the unassuming workshop where our watchmakers handcraft each timepiece, to our dynamic father and son figurehead, we are a company founded on integrity and dependability. Forging into the future, Adina continues to set the standard in design and technological innovation, while remaining true to our Australian family business roots.

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Welcome Function Sponsor: Lineage Group

Nobody in the market knows family businesses better than Lineage Group. As experienced business advisers, Lineage Group guide business families through generational, strategic and operational change. Lineage Group use their knowledge, insights and connections to ensure that the business, family and investments are aligned – as well as the past, present and future. By minimising distraction to the business and disharmony within the family, Lineage Group help on the things that really matter, every step of the way.

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Meeting Place Sponsor: Hyphen

Let the Hyphen family business bring your family business story to life.

Their team of creative and passionate storytellers can research, interview, write, design, film, photograph and even draw your story so that you can tell it in the way that suits you and will connect with your audience. Let Hyphen bring our years of storytelling experience to bear on your project, so you can be sure your history is in good hands.

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Meeting Place Sponsor: Owner Manager Program

Australian Owner Manager offers practical courses and programs for business owners and senior managers in private and family companies. The programs for business owners include the highly acclaimed Owner Manager Program (OMP – $3m-$100m revenue) and the Small Business Owner Program (SBO – $750k-$3m). These residential programs help business owners step back and be challenged on every aspect of their business, their own personal performance and work-life balance. Additional programs include the OM Leadership Program (OML), specifically designed for senior managers in private businesses. See how these programs have made a difference for hundreds of private and family businesses.

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Women in Family Business Table Sponsor: PIMCO

PIMCO is one of the world’s premier fixed income investment managers. With their launch in 1971 in Newport Beach, California, PIMCO introduced investors to a total return approach to fixed income investing. In the 50 years since, PIMCO have worked relentlessly to help millions of investors pursue their objectives – regardless of shifting market conditions. As active investors, PIMCO’s goal is not just to find opportunities, but to create them. To this end, PIMCO remain firmly committed to the pursuit of their mission: delivering superior investment returns, solutions and service to our clients. As at 31/12/2021, US$2.2 trillion in assets is entrusted to PIMCO.

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Conference Sponsor: PLASDENE GLASS PAK

Founded in 1987 from a position of zero sales and one employee, Plasdene Glass-Pak today boasts more than 10,000 skus. In May 2015, Plasdene Glass-Pak acquired the business of Silverlock Packaging. Together, the Company is now the largest independent, family-owned Packaging Distribution Business in Australia.

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Conference Sponsor: Kailis

Now four decades into their story, Kailis Jewellery remains a family owned and operated business. Kailis are empowered by the natural radiance of the Australian South Sea pearl and, with it, iconic and undeniably Australian jewellery to reflect and enhance the beauty of its wearer. To wear Kailis jewellery is to embrace and embody that beauty, now and for generations to come.

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Conference Sponsor: Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks are a passionate, family owned, Australian business, creating craft brewed premium soft drinks since the 1960s.

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks is based in the small Australian town that shares their name, Bundaberg. The family, the Flemings, founded the brewery and still run it to this day. For as long as they’ve been in business, they’ve lived by one simple rule; If it’s worth brewing it’s worth brewing well.

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Conference Supporter: Raptis

Raptis are leaders in the Australian wild caught seafood industry. They are paving the way towards a future where Australia’s valuable fish stocks are managed in a sustainable manner and available for many generations to come.

They understand the importance of embracing new technology, and use this to ensure our high quality seafood is maintained through each process from ocean to plate.

The company is proudly owned by the Raptis Family and has established a local and international reputation for responsible fishing and the supply of quality seafood products

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Conference Supporter: Beraldo Coffee

These days, the Beraldo Coffee company continues to be family run, with Daniel Beraldo running operations and continuing the family tradition for great coffee.
Their beans come from different geographic origins, and we only source the finest graded coffee beans from around the world. By prioritising high-quality beans, they ensure they only offer the best premium, unique blends possible.

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Printing Sponsor: Bowden

With origins dating back to 1935, the Bowden Print Group is one of South Australia’s leading print and print based solution providers. They’re incredibly proud of their rich history and their ability to remain at the forefront of their industry by having a relevant and contemporary vision.

The Bowden Print Group is a modern operation that embraces the latest technologies and innovations while, at the same time, never loses sight of the family values that formed the foundation of the company

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Transport Sponsor: Brisbane Bus Lines

As an industry leader and one of Brisbane’s largest bus companies, Brisbane Bus Lines is family owned and operated offering professional bus and coach travel throughout Brisbane, SE Qld & Australia for over 55 years.

Brisbane Bus Lines modern fleet of vehicles are well equipped and maintained for short or long journeys. They have established ourselves in the market to cater for small though to large groups with a diverse fleet of vehicles. With the charter services reinvigorated and school services ever expanding, the company has developed from a fleet of seven to over eighty.

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